Municipality of
Gotse Delchev

2 Tsaritsa Yoanna Str.

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Fax +359 88 9848685

Local taxes and fees
+359 88 4836743
+359 751 95075

e-mail oba@gocenet.net



The Pirin Mountains and the valley of the Mesta River belong to the Transitional Mediterranean Climatic Area. In the Pirin Mountains themselves, the Mediterranean influences change with the altitudinal belts, which outline three climatic sub-areas:

The valley of the Mesta River - up to 1000 m above sea level

Medium-height mountain sub-area - from 1000 to 2000 m

High-mountain sub-area  - above 2000 m

The varying relief forms influence the temperature regime and the air humidity, the wind velocity and the amounts of precipitation.

The average wind velocity in the town's region is about 0.8 m/sec, and the hollow character of the area predetermines the very great number of windless days, which constitute averagely 72 % of the days in a year.

The average annual temperature is 11.3 , the average January temperature is -2 , and the average July temperature is 19.

The average annual rainfall is between 620 and 780 mm, with a maximum in winter and a secondary maximum in autumn. The month with maximum rainfall is November, and the driest month is August. There are averagely about 150 days per year that are suitable for agricultural work in the open and explorative tourism.



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